Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fallout 3 stuff

*EDITED with added content

I've been spending a good amount of time lately resetting my brain with Fallout 3: I have 60 hours logged within the last month. I wanted to share some quick finds that might help people out...

1. If the game crashes or locks up a lot, ramp down the anti-aliasing and filtering settings. I'm running 4x/4x right now, and this is on a quad-core AMD 9550 with Geforce 250 GTS 1GB card in Windows 7. The game is also sensitive to things taking up CPU time: I have to suspend BOINC tasks while playing.

2. After enabling some multi-threading tweak, it seems I can ALT-TAB out of game (at least once or twice). I'll have to have one of the roomies try this with Obilivion.

3. I downloaded Broken Steel with Games for Windows Live, but it hid the data from my game. I found a post on how to manually copy the addon to the game.

3. Great reference site: Fallout 3 Wiki

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  1. (Disclaimer:I play on XBOX036, not PC)

    Fallout3 is pretty awesome, and addicting. I beat the game pre-DLC-continuation (and tried every possible variation to change the end result, grumble) ... and have played through all of the DLCs to date. All awesome, and the two armors (Chinese stealth and Winterized-T51) might be the best, although the Gauss cannon isn't too shabby either.

    Naturally, on the XBOX I don't have some of the PC-related problems ... but I also have the PC version for when I travel (like now) so may be using those tweaks ... it is annoyingly skippy on my poor little Latitude (not quite made for gaming).