Saturday, August 22, 2009

Introductions Are In Order

Updated October 2011

I'm Michael Adams, a System Administrator. Normally I would be posting stuff to, but I haven't settled on a new site design yet.

At a house I lived in from 2007-2011, I was called "wiki" for my vast array of random knowledge, and occasional desire to edit Wikipedia (trying to get my username updated). This blog intends to be an extension of that: I solve a lot of odd problems at work and home, and I've barely documented those efforts; I intend to correct that.

I won't laud about MSDN-type stuff. I'm not going to go into personal stuff on here either: I'll keep that to Facebook and my website when its functional. I'm not middle-aged, church-going, ex-military, or have mouths to feed; however, there are many techs out there, that are some, or all, of the above. I thank you for what you have given me in the past with your wisdom, and hope to return the favor in a common tradition.

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