Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get started on IPv6

As I can, I will be posting a lot regarding the IPv6 implementation work I've done for E-Z Rent-A-Car over the last 2 years. Let me post some links for everyone to start with.

* IPv6 article on Wikipedia
* SixXS: dynamic IPv6 tunnel provider; good for places without static IPs.
* Hurricane Electric: my website host and provider of static IPv6 tunnels.
* IPv6 Intelligence: application and operating system support for IPv6.
* Sixy.ch: catalog of IPv6-enabled websites.
* Tinc VPN: VPN software that supports IPv6 and virtual Ethernet links.
* Quagga: routing software that supports IPv6.
* OpenWRT: reprogram off-shelf routers with Linux; can be setup with Tinc+Quagga.

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