Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Chrome Frame

Mozilla, Microsoft, and a few geeks are dismayed that Google ported their Chrome software to an ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer. I've already applied it to, and there's only a few pieces to get a complete experience.

* Chrome Frame: the plugin

* Java Runtime 7: still in development, but its worked for me for almost all Java sites.

* Adobe Flash Player: pick the one for "other browsers" and it'll work for more or less any non-IE browser; if you're using Firefox, you probably have this.

* If you ended up downloading Silverlight, it should have installed for any browser.

More or less, as long as you're not using other controls on your website, you can invoke Google Frame with little issue. "Get Java" and "Get Flash" buttons may be needed for more complex sites: but you should be using those anyway if you're supporting more than IE.

If you have complete control of your computer, and don't need Firefox extensions or IE toolbars, you're welcome to download Google Chrome and use that from the get-go.

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