Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Intel video on 2.6.31 Linux kernel

The 2.6.31 kernel makes your system boot and run faster, no doubt. However, combined with newer rendering code in the latest versions of Xorg, the older Intel chips throw a fit (especially the 82845). The easiest fix seems to be to add "nomodeset" to the booting command line in GRUB/LILO: there are other possible fixes and workarounds (I found out later that blacklisting the i915 module helps too).

* Gentoo Linux documentation on the Intel driver: can be used with most other setups.
* Workaround/fix on Gentoo
* Redhat bug regarding problems (where I found the "nomodeset" fix)
* UXA workaround on Ubuntu Karmic
* 2.6.31 use on Ubuntu Jaunty
* How to blacklist the i915 module
* Forcing the old Intel Xorg driver back in on Jaunty

A workaround that worked good on one system and didn't at all on another was using the plain vesa driver. A very basic xorg.conf can be written with just the following...

Section "Device"
Driver "vesa"

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