Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More adventures with Windows and IPv6 DNS & file sharing

The plot gets thicker. I wanted the 2008 servers at our server farm to be able to talk to an Ubuntu Linux file server at corporate: and with that ability, perhaps the ability of other Vista clients to talk to it too; other Ubuntu clients have worked fine. Problem: according to Wireshark, it kept sending NETBIOS requests to the local IPv4 subnet; it couldn't find the box. In 2008, there is a solution to this issue: the GlobalNames zone. GlobalNames allows you to create DNS replies that would otherwise confuse basic name resolution (i.e. an IPv6 shop; no domain name; etc). You can configure the zone with host names you don't plan on changing often, and it (and assuming its clients) can get the correct lookup without NETBIOS broadcasts. Microsoft is so pleased with themselves about this process, they have a patent on it.

They also say don't configure it on a 2003 box, but that its usable with other DNS setups: in this vein, I configured the Linux server to host it as a BIND secondary, and the 2003 server here with a simple redirect of globalnames lookups to the two good boxes. The Vista boxes here that were having trouble accessing some things appear to be fully de-kludgable now.

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