Saturday, October 24, 2009

Go-go dancing on the Internet: IPv6 anyway

*EDIT: ~3-4 months ago I was able to redo the house Internet setup and switch over to Hurricane Electric  for IPv6 tunneling; much more stable.

The Go6 folks have rebranded as GoGoNet for provisioning IPv6 access to people who don't have it. Considering my SixXS tunnels have a habit of breaking every few months, I'm going to have to give this a try. GoGoNet still provides "Freenet6" access for using IPv6 at the home: either single or multiple computers; they've also added some stuff for accessing v4 stuff at your house from the v6 world.

Anyhoo, the provisioning at home is done via an Ubuntu box. I've already begun migrating it to Karmic, and it uses the newest client software to access Freenet6: however, its missing a config file by default. I was able to create a working config via the man doc and some other sources.

1. sudo apt-get install gw6c radvd
2. sudo /etc/init.d/radvd stop
3. sudo nano /etc/gw6c/gw6c.conf

if_prefix=eth0 (CHANGE IF NEEDED)
host_type=router (CHANGE TO host IF 1 BOX)

4. sudo /etc/init.d/gw6c restart

* Launchpad
* Ubuntu Forums


  1. Hi Michael:

    I have some asks and I hope you can help me to understand a little more.

    1.- this program is the same that gogoCLIENT program from the link?:

    2.- Exists differences between both programs??
    3.- In your experience what of both programs is the better option??

    Thanks in advance.

  2. As long as its gw6c & not tspc, you're fine. btw, if you have a (relatively) static IP, have a look at for their stuff: I've had that working at the house for months now since the owner let me rebuild the net.