Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Found some stuff to tweak PPPoE on Linux

A good number of my work's site connections are done via DSL on OpenWRT routers. However, when I reconfigured my home DSL recently, I discovered that in order to make my HE.NET tunnel work properly, I had to activate it via a script in ppp/ip-up.d (actually I think I modified the main script since I had some startup trouble). I did reconfigure our sites to try restarting VPN via an ip-up script if the connection drops: initial testing seems to confirm that works, but I still have to start the VPN on boot as well (I moved the vpn commands to a /etc/ file and set it to start from /etc/init.d/done & symlinked to /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/

Another thing too is that two of our links have atrocious start times: one is managed by the DSL modem (AT&T/SBC modem); the other by the router. The routers with active PPPoE setups, I modified their /etc/ppp/options files with the following changes...

logfile /var/log/pppd
lcp-echo-failure 10
lcp-echo-interval 20

That should help track any issues and prevent overloaded links from crashing the connections.


PPP tweaking done by Dan Siemon

PPPD options for Linux

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