Thursday, November 12, 2009

Idea stuck in my head since 2003...

Since I worked at Rockwell Collins in 2002-2003, deploying over 1000 XP machines while running out of server space means "why can't we use the computer for space?" I've watched a number of filesystems show up that try to do this in some fashion: most of them for clusters and SANs. Let's be honest: my skillset right now is hardware, semi-competent networking, and an ability to program; I'm not putting together million-dollar clusters.

More or less, what I want to do is: use space on machines I administer to provide storage space; enable some kind of redundancy should one or more machine be off; have this space work in a P2P fashion so I don't have a master to worry about; and be able to use it from Windows or Linux clients.

Stuff I found to get started

Writing a FUSE-type filesystem with Ruby

Available file-storing databases (could save files as BLOB data)

Peer-to-Peer with Ruby


  1. I randomly came across , which describes two filesystems that implement FUSE+database designs.

  2. Looks cool. Still think my idea's better, lol