Thursday, December 10, 2009

Postfix & IPv6

I was trying to get the main MFC here to route its SMTP jobs via a Postfix install I have here, and I noticed the relayed jobs weren't using the v6 VPN, but rather v4 Internet. I've bastardized parts of my to show what commands you need to activate v6 support. Remember that the mail server needs to be v6-capable (or use portproxy or Stone Repeater as a forwarder), and that it has an AAAA record in your DNS for it.

relayhost =
inet_protocols = all
mynetworks = [2001:db8:abcd::]/48 [::ffff:]/104
relaydomains =
inet_interfaces = all
smtp_bind_address =
smtp_bind_address6 = ::

* Postfix documentation
* "IPv6 Addresses" on Wikipedia

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