Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to recover data from a corrupt Intel RAID array

RAID5 array on a newer Intel controller, using 4 SSDs. One drive offline + another flagged error = array down.

1. Intel's answer: you're screwed

2. Community answer: flag all RAID members as non-RAID; recreate array with exact same type and stripe size as before; use TestDisk (Ultimate Boot CD has this) & let it recover whatever partitions exist; rewrite bootloader with the OS CD (assuming its Vista/2008/7). Original & Intel forum threads.

3. My answer: assuming you tried step #2, reload Windows using a newer Intel Rapid Storage Driver and then with only a minimal setup, recover the necessary data with Partition Recovery software from DiskInternals (costs $200 for business use, but cheaper than forensics).

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