Saturday, March 13, 2010

Intel gigabit hang fix & XP Professional hang solution

* Been fighting with a server for 3 months now to figure out how to make the onboard adapters work properly. Make sure you have decent switches in place (D-Link units that support Jumbo Frames in our environment: decomm'd some Netgear a few days ago). As for the fix, I stumbled upon some Intel errata that suggested disabling the PCIe link state setting in BIOS: the onboard NICs can't handle the constant throttling L0/L1 does to them. May have to change the setting in 2008/Vista/7's power plan as well: I did.

* We still have one PC in accounting running XP Pro for stuff: it decided to hang on logon for me more than once overnight while I was adjusting the area's networking setup; I found a Microsoft article regarding disabling the WebClient service: that seems to have done the trick.

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