Saturday, May 22, 2010

Install WebM-VP8 on your Windows box

A commenter was kind to post that version 0.9.7 has an installer.

Caution: original script was made on Windows 7 with an Admin-rights user; if you have to "run as admin" to make this work, adjust your instructions accordingly.

Came across this HOWTO for installing VP8 on Windows.

1. Grab the "webmdshow" ZIP from Google's page.
2. Unzip it somewhere safe.
3. Create the following files with Notepad/Notepad2/whatever in that directory...

copy *.exe %systemroot%
copy *.dll %systemroot%
regsvr32 %systemroot%\webmsource.dll %systemroot%\webmsplit.dll %systemroot%\vp8decoder.dll %systemroot%\vp8encoder.dll %systemroot%\webmmux.dll

del %systemroot%\makewebm.exe %systemroot%\playwebm.exe
regsvr32 /u %systemroot%\webmsource.dll %systemroot%\webmsplit.dll %systemroot%\vp8decoder.dll %systemroot%\vp8encoder.dll %systemroot%\webmmux.dll
del %systemroot%\webmsource.dll %systemroot%\webmsplit.dll %systemroot%\vp8decoder.dll %systemroot%\vp8encoder.dll %systemroot%\webmmux.dll


  1. Since you have to start install.bat as admin you will copy system32 to %systemroot%! -.- ...

    That's what happened to me, running vista.

    Your script should look like this:

    copy D:\Codecs\webmdshow-\*.exe %systemroot%
    copy D:\Codecs\webmdshow-\*.dll %systemroot%
    regsvr32 %systemroot%\webmsource.dll %systemroot%\webmsplit.dll %systemroot%\vp8decoder.dll %systemroot%\vp8encoder.dll %systemroot%\webmmux.dll

    Replace "D:\Codecs\webmdshow-" with the path to your downloaded webmdshow folder ...

  2. You no longer have to do this, as the latest version of the webmdshow filters includes an installer.