Monday, July 19, 2010

Attempted list of useful hotfixes for Server 2003R2

I'm helping my landlord/friend refurb a 2003R2 server for domain controller & app-server work. Since SP3 seems absent for 2003, I figured I'd reload it with 2003R2SP2 & find relevant hotfixes: I searched back over the past year for what looked useful. I'm not even sure all of these will install on R2: will have to come back & edit, else this should be useful for non-R2 users. For sake of continuity, start from the bottom up.

* DNS service patch: load the ( CTCP patch first, then after the DNS patch)

* mrxsmb.sys
* rmcast.sys
* dfsmgmt.dll
* DFS replication service patch
* ntfs.sys (important)
* quota.sys
* Rpcxdr.sys
* Win32k.sys (important)
* Lsasrv.dll
* msi.dll
* localspl.dll (print spooler)
* dfrgntfs.exe
* volsnap.sys
* ipsec.sys
* IIS 6.0 patch
* rdpdr.sys (fixes Terminal Server crashing from many users)
* Virtual Disk Service patch
* snmpincl.dll
* atapi.sys (allows more than 1TB drive formats)
* HBA driver update
* VSS patch
* rpcxdr.sys

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