Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MySQL over IPv6

You need to connect one server to another's MySQL host via IPv6. MySQL currently does not support IPv6 natively (halfway into 2010 even: this Oracle business doesn't help matters). Here's a workaround.

1. Download Stone : if you're running Windows boxes, extract it to C:\stone on both targets; Linux, you can probably setup commands in your startup scripts to achieve the same result.
2. Your stone.ini for the server hosting MySQL should have " 3306/v6 --" in it.
3. Your stone.ini for your MySQL client system should have "ipv6servername:3306/v6 localhost:3306 --" in it.
4. Firewall settings: allow port 3306 on both systems; if using a pre-2008 system, the "subnet-only" option should work.
5. If using a Windows box, you can install as a service by using "stone -C c:\stone\stone.ini -M install v4v6"; be sure to change Service Manager to run it Automatically.
6. You'll need to assign MySQL permissions for whatever user to connect to localhost to gain access on the server.

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