Thursday, July 15, 2010

Web editing toolset for Windows

I'm helping my boss move some websites between a Windows 2003 & a 2008R2 server: we've been running ASP pages as HTML on the old one; not so easily done on the new. Fortunately, some bulk editing fixes this.

*. Nodesoft Search And Replace: text replacement tool; can recurse through subdirectories

*. Bulk File Renaming Tool: this thing is like a swiss army knife for filenames & directories.

*. Notepad2 or Notepad++ : use these for hand-editing files. I've used PSPad on other projects.

Also, don't forget to update any sitemaps. Google has a sitemap generator. (EDIT: doesn't like 32-bit sites on 2008R2 hosts; if you have a problem, remove its DLL from applicationHost.config) (EDIT2: found a decent web-based sitemap generator).

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