Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stuff for Android development and printing

Me and my coworkers are getting visions in our eyes of using phones and tablets to replace bulky and expensive crap we're trying out now for processing things. We need to be able to scan & print stuff: something that's in demand amongst a lot of developers out there. I've done a basic survey of whats out there as of Mid-2010...

* This pops up regularly in discussions on printing: unlimited accounts are $10/month or $5 per device; basic is 20 pages.

* A printing API & subsystem: looks geared towards network printers ala CUPS

* This is a library for handling barcodes: "Zebra Crossing"

* This is a scripting layer for Android: one person used it to barcode scan books on Google with Python

* A non-free SDK for printing to Bluetooth and network printers

* This is an application for handling credit cards via Android...