Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog on Blogs

Needed to make a list of decent tech blogs / sites to followup on from time to time...

* Joel on Software: there's articles here, if you can find them.
Coding Horror: I enjoy quite a bit of this guy's postings regarding Windows & such.
* Ben Fry: brilliant visualization stuff
* Eric S Raymond: hacker, libertarian, poly-amorous
* Wil Wheaton: the uber-geek
* /r/programming: a map of the programming world!
* OKCupid blog: this is what happens when geeks analyze 500k people...

Props also to Slashdot & Ars Technica for keeping me up-to-date over the years!

*ADDED:  Jeff Masters' Blog; hurricanes; climate-change; solar storms; etc
*ADDED:  Paul Graham's site; how did I forget to add him??? He writes good essays.

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