Sunday, September 5, 2010

Burning a BD-R / Blue-Ray data disc with InfraRecorder 0.51

I pulled this off on a x64 Windows 7 Pro machine, using a WH10LS30 BD-RE drive.

1. Install the appropriate version of InfraRecorder for your system.
2. Go to the cdrtfe homepage & download the latest "portable" version.
3. Run the portable extractor.
4. Copy everything from cdrtfe portable's tools\cdrtools & tools\cygwin folders to InfraRecorder's cdrtools folder.

Whenever you want to burn data to a BD-R using InfraRecorder, you should use UDF (Project Properties -> Filesystem) & SAO when asked to burn.

* EDIT: clarification; the reason I did this is because cdrtfe 1.3.9 comes with version 3 of cdrtools, while InfraRecorder 0.51 still has version 2.

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