Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some PHP + MySQL stuff to look at

A coworker of mine is helping create a new company Intranet, and he despises .NET-based code, so he wanted to look for PHP-based stuff. We also have a mutual friend that is going to be posting photos online, and wanted to know what I use for that.

1. Content management: investigating MODx. Its a PHP+MySQL CMS that starts off pretty bare-bones, but has a slick management interface, helpful install process (flagged incorrect PHP & directory settings), and has an integrated addon manager that installs from user-contributed editors, pages, etc. It can also manage MIME types & import raw HTML: this would be perfect for starting up a regular website with.

2. Photos: using Plogger at It hasn't updated in a few months, but its still good at what it does: skinnable interface; photo categories; mass-import of FTP/SSH-uploaded pictures; and text descriptions saved in a MySQL database.

3. Since these require MySQL to work, I'd like to direct you to MariaDB. With the Oracle acquisition of Sun, which acquired MySQL, I expect development to stagnate: MariaDB has some of the original MySQL devs, and has some extra goodies; already using it for my work environment.

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