Sunday, October 10, 2010

iSight Firewire i1394 camera works on Windows 7 x64!

My landlord loaned me & the g/f a webcam to use for Skype: however, it was also an attempted prank, as it is the discontinued iSight external webcam. Fortunately Windows 7 does recognize it as a "generic" camera, and while that alone doesn't work, it did inspire me to hunt for other Firewire drivers that might.

1. Have Firewire port installed on computer.
2. Download the Unibrain ubCore driver suite (don't need the Fire-i download).
3. Install the driver suite as "complete". Reboot if you feel inclined to.
4. Attach camera: you'll get notifications of unsupported hardware, but the necessary drivers for video will have been installed & show up as a Unibrain camera in "Devices & Printers".


  1. My Win7x64 BSOD'd on 1394ohci.sys after doing this. On reboot, system came up iSite is listed with the Unibrain title, but exclamation point and it set as disabled... could not be used. Prior to this it could be used to get video, but had no control... white blance was crazy high. Tried uninstalling Unibrain, but it's crappy uninstaller does not remove everything. Plugging camera back in after uninstalling in devmgr and phsycially detatching BSOD again, same. Reboot still shows Unibrain in devmgr. When though registry and removed several entries relating to fire-i, ifire, found several* and fidcam.sys still in windows dirs. Removed, now can plug in iSite w/o BSOD, but it no longer will work at all and just sits in the Other Devices.

  2. I had to use it with the 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy) driver for my onboard firewire controller, but it worked for me. I also had to install the drivers manually (select from disk, in C:\Program Files\Unibrain\ubCore\Drivers\IIDC), and then choose the Unibrain Fire-i v3.90 driver (not the v5.80 driver).

    Thanks a bunch for your help!

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  4. Thank you! Took me hours to find your post. isight now working with a correct amount of expoure