Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some stuff for Mythbuntu

1. Found an OVU400103/00 HP RC6 USB remote setup recently, and wanted to try it out with my MythTV setup. The Ubuntu wiki entry for LIRC was helpful: I selected the "Windows Media Center Remote" as my hardware, and set it to a profile for "Direct TV". Also added echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols to /etc/rc.local , since I'm using a 2.6.38 kernel (otherwise, it'll double-click the arrow push).

2. I was having trouble getting videos indexed: turns out you can use "M" or the Windows-key on the remote to call up a control menu for Videos, Music, etc; I was able to rescan and find the videos I copied in.

3. I need to get an AMD / ATI card working with OpenGL properly. I found a reference for 2.6.38 kernel usage; and as of this past week, AMD's 11.3 driver came out, so I should be able to make it happen. EDIT: use the unofficial AMD wiki to help install stuff.

4. MariaDB doesn't seem to work with Mythbuntu properly.

5. I did find MySQL 5.5 in a PPA: try at your own risk!

6. Mythbuntu 11.04 is in beta: use this to avoid much pain with kernels and PPA stuff; you'll still need to follow tips #1-3 as needed.

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