Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recipe for doing semi-routed ATA over Ethernet

AoE is supposed to be a low-overhead competitor to iSCSI. Part of the reasoning is that its a layer 2 protocol, vs a layer 3. Not only that, but the iSCSI functionality is limited on use per IPv4 or IPv6 host compatibility, and network access. I already use tinc-vpn as a routing mechanism for IPv6 subnets via its "virtual ethernet" mode: could it be used to created disk storage that would otherwise require iSCSI? And how would you test its effectiveness?

Added: I've used btrfs with multiple disk drives per their wiki howto. Maybe that could be used with this to create high-speed distributed storage?

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  1. hello, have you been able to route AOE? use BTRFS to aggregate AOE exported disks ? please post your results