Thursday, November 10, 2011

fstab entries for btrfs on SSD

After much finagling, I have an uptime of 13 70 days regarding a Debian Linux setup that uses btrfs for root on an 16GB Kingston SSD. The problem is related to an older post I made, but different situation. Using my attempts to fix that problem, along with a working Debian kernel 3.0 (they don't exactly announce what subversion they use); I haven't had to reboot the damned thing in two weeks. Change your /etc/fstab file to use the following options for the drive...


In layman's terms, these options set the drive to not update access times, treat the drive as an SSD, compress files as able, and use 32 threads (vs 1-8, whatever default is) to coordinate read/write activities. The reviews on the 8GB Kingston SSD leave me to believe it chokes on writes that happen too often.

* Jan 6 2012: uptime has exceeded two months with this fix.

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