Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keeping an old Visual Basic app alive

Trying to keep our production VB5 / VB6 application alive long enough for a web-based replacement to be installed. Server 2008 was never built to suffer the use I've made of it with this (see past blog posts).

* The RAMMap tool was very useful in tracking down active files to look up.
* Found updated Jet 3.5 libraries from 1999; we've been using the 1997 versions still.
* One of the main VB6 dll files was updated last year (to support IE8).
* Found an article on what the heck MSVCRT.DLL does.
* Found a memory leak analyzer that I intend to try out on the software: though I don't expect the original developers to act on my findings.

And for something completely different, a CodeProject essay I found 2 years ago on what not to do in programming.

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