Friday, January 6, 2012

Microsoft, just put out Vista / 2008 SP3 already, please?

Found even more Server 2008 hotfixes via a nice blog I found tonight. To anyone at Microsoft: 2008 is your last server that supports older 32-bit production software properly; some vendors are not known for changing with the times. Please put out a rollup or service pack, for the sake of all sysadmins that are tasked with making said software operate. Thank you.

* Logon fix
* Another logon fix
* Networking fix
* Another networking fix
* If you use a static IP, this might fix a problem you've been having...
* Networking fix for 32-bit programs on x64 servers

Added: I looked up some Windows XP fixes as well, since I still have 2 production units to support. Found this list, and looked up the more interesting fixes...

* Fix for GDI leak
* Fix for copying files with RDP
* Fix for file sharing within RDP
* Fix for memory leak in WinHTTP apps
* Another fix for file sharing
* Another memory leak fix , this time for multithreaded XML apps

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