Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adventures in Samsung Linux printing!

I've used Windows Server 2008R2, with a Samsung "Generic PCL" driver, just fine with some ML-3312-ND printers at work. But that Generic PCL driver is actually a Unidrv driver; for what are referred to as WinPrinters: anyone remember working with Winmodems in the 1990s? So, with Ubuntu 11.04; with CUPS 1.5 installed...

* Generic PCL + Postscript drivers have been very hit/miss on output.
* This package setup lets you install Samsung's driver package in Debian/Ubuntu: this seems to just cause the printer to spit out empty pages repeatedly.

* SPLIX driver for older Samsung printers: using random definitions yields no output.
* I had tried kludging PPDs from the Samsung unified driver package, with the SPLIX driver: no luck there either.

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