Monday, July 23, 2012

IPv6 Pidgin 2.10.6

I compiled an updated IPv6 build of Win32 Pidgin, and I was able to get it to compile with GTK 2.20.1 (the maintainer builds use 2.14.x; the latest is  2.24.10). One side effect: the usual program theme is gone; otherwise, the app appears to work fine.

Get the latest version from my projects page. Use PeaZip or 7-zip to extract it; should be able to run it directly from its new directory.


  1. Could you update this for 2.10.8?

    1. Hey, sorry for belated reply. Yeah, I'm probably going to do that. I had asked the devs to work on it, but I guess there was some confusion of if it'd break things for v4 users or not.

    2. Awesome! Since then 2.10.9 has actually come out as well. I've used it in IPV6 IPV4 mixed and IPV4 only networks and seems to work fine for me.

    3. I've been an asshole: I should've had this port done 4 months ago, and still haven't done it yet: probably this weekend or next; not sure when .10 comes out, and its not adding much (unless you live in Eastern Europe, or need TLS 1.2). Maybe I'll see if I can get it to build from trunk or something.