Friday, August 31, 2012

Wordpress on Windows IIS plugin install / update fix

Ran into an issue getting plugins to install correctly on a Windows / IIS install of Wordpress. Numerous posts online rehash advice involving FTP and Linux: they were only somewhat helpful. Here's what did work for me.

1. Set the permissions on your wp-content folder as open as you can: for me, I gave Full Modify to Users

2. Make a "temp" folder in your blog's wp-content folder.

3. Add something like the following to your wp-config.php file. Notice that the other defines chain on how you set the first one.
define('FTP_BASE', "C:/inetpub/website/blog/");
define('FTP_CONTENT_DIR', FTP_BASE.'wp-content/');

* Russian blogger's attempt to fix a similar issue
* Wordpress Codex documentation on wp-config.php