Thursday, November 8, 2012

Found a new routing protocol: "Babel"

Babel was conceived by the author of the Polipo proxy, as a good way to keep wireless (and wired) nodes linked together with both IPv4 and IPv6 routing.You'll need to lookup the correct install for Debian/Ubuntu/OpenWRT/CentOS/etc , else its pretty easy to start using: once you figure out what you're trying to accomplish. Make sure UDP port 6696 is open on your firewalls.

Update2: added sample command to deny an extra route from being added; use this for mixed networks.

Example /etc/babeld.conf

interface vpn6 wired false
interface lo split-horizon true wired true
redistribute ip metric 128
redistribute ip 2001:deed:beef:1::/64 eq 64 metric 128
in ip eq 24 deny
redistribute local deny




  1. What do you use this as a replacement for?

    1. You'd still use Quagga for basic routing, else this is available as a Quagga addon (less flexible in current versions), or as a replacement for OSPFv2 + OSPFv3, as well as static routes.